Seperate the shared Safari Browsing history by device (Mac – iPhone)?


does someone know a way to Seperate the shared Safari Browsing history by device (Mac – iPhone)? I like to see the browsing history on my iOS devices and my Mac sepratedly, since I use my Mac for work and my iOS devices for fun. I dont want to disable Safari iCloud sync, because I need my bookmarks and read later posts etc.
Also I would not like to use different browsers on each device (eg Chrome, Firefox) as I like Safari on all devices pretty much.

Often I go back sveral days, weeks, months in order to analyse my browsing behaviour on my Mac inorder to see, which sites I have been on frequently and which ones I should probably not visit too often. Is there any way to track the time sopent on the webisted inside safari by the way? That would be awesome to analyse and adjust my surfing behaviour. Looking forward for your help and opinions dear MPU-Gang.


Screen time or whatever it’s called should track single webpages and can be divided per device

Also, you could check timing

I have no clue for safari history tho,and would love the feature too

Hi @memex thanks for your answer. I was aware if Timing and it would be great if the safari time tracking I mentioned could be a feature of Apples Screentime or from a plugin within Safari.

They could have removed it, because i clearly remember it was there when they introduced Screen Time on the mac. Maybe it was too much “invasive”

I see. I am still on OSX Mojave on my lovely mac. Im too afraid to upgrade to Big Sur.