September 2019 new hardware thread

It’s new iPhone and new Apple Watch day!

My Series 5 is showing “out for delivery,” though based on the way UPS generally does things I probably won’t see it until late afternoon.

Anyone else getting something new and shiny today?

iPhone 11 Pro, Midnight Green (my current XS has taken to dropping calls, and my payment doesn’t change, so why not?). I stayed with 64GB, which I’ve always found to be enough for my mobile devices (I do pay for the 200GB iCloud storage plan).


Picked up my 256gb iPhone 11 Pro (Space Grey) this morning. I’m going out for a walk in Prospect Park this weekend to mess with the new camera :slight_smile:

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My wife’s iPhone 11 Pro, Midnight Green, 256GB is out for delivery today.

My iPhone 11 Pro Max, Space Gray, 256GB will be ready for store pick up early this afternoon!

Finally ready to leave our 7 Plus behind!


I picked out white, but also 256GB/Pro, and am also looking forward to taking it out in Prospect Park, but no delivery until October for me. (Hi neighbor!)

I used to joke, given the similarity of choices I see my neighbors making with regard to big-ticket consumer items, that I live in a physical demographic, as if designed by marketing teams.

Judging by the emails and text messages mine have been delivered! Unfortunately as I’m actually on holiday this week that means they’re locked up at work until I go in on Monday…

I hope everyone enjoys their shiny new devices!

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Just got back from picking up at one of the stores here in Austin. About 100 people in line(s)-ish outside.

Surprisingly unorganized but I somehow ended up getting my order just within the pickup window. There were a lot of Apple Store employees but they were giving conflicting directions and there weren’t any signs or even line ropes to help corral the masses.

The employee that brought my stuff was actually in tech support (there’s a big AppleCare team here in town) and she was just helping out for the day.

So far I can’t say the new And much discussed retail leadership has made a big improvement at least at my store.

Usually I go for delivery but thought I’d be able to pick it up earlier because I’m on the verrrrry end of my FedEx route.

How’s everyone else’s experience?

I would have ordered a Nike Apple Watch but they won’t be out until October, so I’m waiting until then, then might just pick one up at my local Apple Store.

Waiting to see about refreshed iPad Pros. There are conflicting rumors about updates either later in the year or next spring; I’ll likely get one if it seems like enough of an update, otherwise I might get an iPad Mini come Black Friday.

I picked up my iPhone 11 Pro Max from the Pacific Centre Apple Store here in Vancouver first thing this morning. I got there and 7:45am and walked out with my shiny new phone at 8:02am. Couldn’t have been easier!


My experience at the Downtown Brooklyn store was good. There was a line just for iPhone 11 pickups, separated by check-in window. The store itself was busy but not chaotic.

Everything seemed organized - but I rarely go to the stores so I can’t say they have a new process or not.

Device-to-device transfer failed twice for me. (Time remaining started at 10 mins and kept increasing, then “move device closer” even though they were almost touching with no way to retry, cancel, etc.) I think I read at least one review mentioning this transfer method was pretty error prone in its first release. Trusty Restore from iCloud Backup it is!

Anyone get device-to-device to work?

If you’ve got a lightning to USB dongle you could also try doing a wired device-to-device transfer.

I brought my Macbook and did iTunes backup over Lightning cable. Took 5 mins!

Got my space grey 11 Pro delivered, went to an Apple Store to buy a case, and was intruged by this year’s silver version… I’ve never bought a white iPhone before but man, this time the matte white is attractive. Finger crossing now…

I got the Silver XS and I still really love the color. First time I got a white iPhone since the 3G.

I gotta say though, if I were buying this year I’d be very tempted by the Midnight Green.

iPhone 11 Product Red 64GB arrived today. It joins the super expensive Plus thing I purchased last month. I’m done for at least 2 years.

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Same. Worked with iCloud restore. Lost new wallpapers in the process which seems to be a common bug.

OK after another trip to the store I surrendered to the light side and went out with a silver iPhone. Will need to schedule a refund of my original purchase, but still happy to get the color that feels right to me.

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Starting to get the itch a little bit…
About the camera: my iPhone SE has a 12mpx sensor, as does the 11. I know the 11 has 3x cameras, and optical zoom on some. But aside from that, how do they differ? @Wolfie‘s picture above is great, is that due to higher dynamic range or ?

Didn’t get a new Apple Watch but did get an 11 Pro in midnight green. Loving the new camera and battery life improvements. A worthy upgrade for me, sold my XS to partially fund it.