September 2021 Sales and Hardware/Software/Etc. Deals

Bundlehunt just published new deals titled «CURATED SOFTWARE DEALS AT UNBEATABLE DISCOUNTS».


This is a viable website?


BundleHunt is legit. Their website has always sucked, but they’re not a scam or anything like that. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link. I think I am going to finally try Textexpander!

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All my exes are from Texas!

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LOL. Previously I have this text in main post:

Bundlehunt site is always ugly and confusing for me, but IMHO their current updated site is worse :sweat_smile:

I would (strongly) recommend aText or Typinator.

I will try this because it also has a Windows version.
Yet, there does not seem to be an iOS version, is there?

TextExpander seems to have a Windows, iOS(*) and Mac version, so it is what I am looking for. I am just now sure if I have such a need for text expansion. I am guessing 1 year of trying at $8/year will let me know.

(*) while I don’t like using TextExpander’s own third-party keyboard in iOS to expand the text, it seems to work with TE-enhanced app such as Drafts, where I can use Apple’s keyboard and get text expansion.

At this point my advice is: don’t!

aText (paid) or Espanso (free) are viable, I would say better, alternatives


$10 Target GiftCard with $100 Apple GiftCard purchase
quantities limited and offer expires 9/25/2021 at 11:59pm PT
(might be US only, other terms & conditions of course)

Little Snitch 5 is on Bundlehunt

wonder if that means they’re about to release 6…

Definitely not. I bought Little Snitch 3 in 2012. Little Snitch 4 came out in 2017 and I upgraded to it only in Nov 2019 as I had rocked OS X 10.6.8 until 2019. Little Snitch 5 was released less than a year ago, in Nov 2020, and I received a free upgrade for it after I had bought my Little Snitch 4 upgrade an entire year earlier. Objective Development is as old and respectable a developer as it gets.


I’m a fan of the company and product. Even if they did release a new one, you can upgrade for a discount. So it would probably still be cheaper than waiting

I’ve had it pretty much since the beginning moving from a single to family licence.
It was merely a musing and not sure you needed to mount such a strong response.

Might finally buy little snitch. Can’t figure whether i need it though :thinking:

My only gripe with Little Snitch is that after a while, I just don’t know what are the services or websites that I should pause connection and end up allowing everything through, which then made me wonder the point of buying Little Snitch. Specifically, Safari has tons of websites listed in LS - which one should I disallow access which will not break the website.

And there’s also tons of services which I’m not sure whether they are Apple own OS services or third party. I wish they would have categorized them so that I can ignore Apple OS services and just focus on the ones created by third party apps (I’m using LS 4, so if these are available in LS 5, I stand corrected).

Am sure that’s the challenge I’ll have as well if end up buying it.

PC World offers a 2-year Malwarebytes Premium license for 5 devices for $29.99 (79% off?):

These licenses can also be used on macOS (but not on iOS).

Note that this deal ends today!