September 2022 Hardware and Software Deals

As a side note, I got issued a new company laptop today. A 16’’ MBP Ultra-Max-whatever 32GB little daemon, but it feels slower than my late-2013 MBP without all the tools and apps I usually use. Now it’s time for getting them installed one by one…

Corollary: workflows win over CPU power any day.


It does slow down the file picker dialog. That said, the power is in the rules. I can tell DFX things like “if you’re downloading an MP4, put it in my ‘videos’ folder”, “if you’re downloading a DMG put it in my ‘disk images’ folder”, or even “if you’re downloading a JPEG from a stock photo site, put it in my ‘stock images’ folder”.

That, and the recent folder memory make it worth the minor hassle of waiting for the file picker.

I use it similarly, here’s a link that has other use cases

All the goodness is also available from the menubar of your Mac and from the toolbar of your Finder windows.

This might be among the most “Power User” peripherals ever! What type of Numbers functions, and how many, do you use it with?

next to the Stream Deck

Sure, but what goodness? I’m really having a hard time getting a grasp on what the people who love it are actually using it for :smiley:

nothing fancy, just copy/paste without style, add rows/columns and navigate horizontally and vertically with the dials. My spreedsheet is simple as I usually just input research data and hyperlinks.

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It shouldn’t be this difficult. If you are not intrigued and delighted at seeing all your files and folders presented to you in drop down menus, if you don’t find having a place to temporarily stash a file useful, if you never wished to do something on an Open/Save dialog that you couldn’t do, then this app is not for you. Forget about it. Move on. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can see using the two different dials for scrolling,
The 4-way buttons for insert row/column before/after,
The pair of buttons for copy/paste without style,
The wheel for zoom level,
Then I only have 2 left.

That’s just off the top of my head. What an intriguing device, thanks for sharing.

you can also set a button to open up a modal with different menu customized items. There’s also double press or two buttons combinations. so many possibilities.

a sample of a modal I made for Figma.


You’re probably right - it’s not for me :slight_smile:
No reflection on the software or its users, it’s just a case of square peg in round hole :smiley:

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It varies, depending on the characteristics and original source of the pdf. Sometimes the pdf is compressed massively, perhaps 80-90%, without noticeable degradation. This is particularly true for downloaded pdfs, such as invoices. Other times, especially with locally-scanned paper as the source, the compression is less and might be degraded in a noticeable way. The amount of compression is user-specified in the preferences.

My current version of PDF squeezer is Version 4.3.2, obtained through Setapp. That version now has a preview window that displays side-by-side views of the original and compressed versions along with the amount of compression. Very nice.

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Various combos including
Microsoft 365 Personal | 12-Month Subscription 1 person | Premium Office apps | 1TB OneDrive cloud storage
some for $39.99

For example, 12 months Microsoft 365 Personal + 12 months Norton Secure VPN for $39.99

I’ve seen this book mentioned a few times on this forum.

The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition
by Donald Norman
Kindle price $5.99


Was surprised when I saw that the local price amount to $11 but forgot that with inflation and the lowering value of our currency that its technically $5.99 :smiling_face_with_tear: still a good deal though

YubiKey (hardware security key) for as less as $10/€10 via Cloudflare:

As a bonus, Yubico temporarily offers the (more expensive) YubiKey 5/5C NFC for that price.

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Am I wrong or is this offer limited to Cloudflare customers?

Yes, that’s why I wrote “via Cloudflare”.

However, even non-paying customers, like me (I use their DNS service for my personal domains, for free), are eligible.

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October Deals is up