September 7, 2022 Event thread

Surprised there isn’t a thread already.

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I wonder if the MacSparky Discord might be siphoning off some of the MPU forum audience for event live-commentary.

(I have the Discord and the forum split screened on my iPad at the moment)

Here we go! 20 characters

No price increase on the Watch this year. Nice.

re: ultra - so Apple knew about your career change?


No more titanium Edition? (I missed the first half an hour)

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I’m very tempted at the $799 price. I’ve been buying stainless Apple Watches, so this isn’t too much more.

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This Ultra seems amazing. I’ve never gone for the watch, but this might just do me in…

And The Verge is right when they note that, in comparison to some Garmins, $799 isn’t all that much.

Disclosure: That fact is part of how I justify owning an Apple Watch. A decent Garmin is as expensive or even more, but it can’t be worn for dressier occasions (or even just to work).

it’s only a phone and watch…

saving my powder for computers. :sunglasses:


I wasn’t sure I’d be buying a phone this year, but given that my new job and lots of my recreation has me in the backcountry, the satellite SOS pretty much makes a new phone an automatic buy.


Dynamic Island looks promising and a beautiful example of functional design.

But only the test of time will tell if we’re looking at a menu bar success or a Touch Bar flop.

Had to add this up:

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Ordered an Apple Watch Ultra.


It’s a steal. Not so for the many people in Europe that have a hard time paying their energy bills and trying to have some money left to buy groceries.


Actually, they increased all prices for Germany (and Europe?) significantly!

:frowning: I wonder what makes them decide to increase prices in some markets but not in others?

True, they have one model that is $1600, but they have models that can operate for weeks in low powered mode and months if you get solar recharging. I predict the Ultra will appeal to a much wider market.

Watch shipping dates are slipping fast. The delivery window for midnight aluminum is now Sept. 29 - Oct. 6.

I’m impressed that the phone prices have stayed in the same bands. I thought they would raise them due to inflation. Perhaps only take off $50 from old models. But no, they’ve stripped off the whole $100. 12 mini is gone though. Just SE(2022) $430, regular 12 $600, 13 mini $600, 13 $700, and 14’s $800+.

I have the Apple Watch 0 and have been saving up gift cards for a while now so I can get a new Apple Watch. I really have no need for the Ultra but it’s a really nice watch, I might get that. The longer Battery is nice.