Sequential Timer app for iOS

Hi All!

I’m looking for a time that could use for working out. I hope someone has run across one.

I need a timer app that can go through a series of unequal times. I’d prefer an app without a subscription.

For example:
3 minutes heavy bag
2.5 minutes battle rope
2 minutes calf extensions

It would be great if these would run automatically and not have to have me touch my iPhone in between the sets.

Thank you!

PowerTimer seems to fit. It costed me $5 of IAP but it seems to be more expensive now.

Another option is MultiTimer:

Very customizable, with some Shortcuts support to boot.


I’ve used an app called Chronology by Treeness software for quite some time. It seems that app is no longer available, but there is a replacement Chronoplan.

Free with a one time in app purchase of US$4.99.

You could simply build your own shortcut on the iPhone, with “start Timer” (or something like that, I only have the german UI) and maybe a tone, that is played between each timer.
You may also consider some break time in between…

I like Intervals Pro:


Thanks for the suggestions! I downloaded them all and will give them a shake before deciding.

It’s nice to have options!

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I recommend checking out MultiTimer. I’ve been using it for years when practicing and teaching yoga and it continues to serve me well. Multitimer includes a wide variety of timers, including the “interval” timer, which should work well for the use case that you mentioned.

Hey Tim. I sort of remember MultiTimer back in the day. It was great! Thsi was actually the app I was looking for when I went on the hunt for a timer of this sort.

I meant for this to be a quickquestion then research. Now I am several great timers deep.

I’ll give it a whirl.

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@Roger_Moore – I’ll be curious to hear which timer app you end up going with.

You can configure custom workouts with Streak Workouts, it is lovely and integrates with Streaks for habit tracking.

full disclaimer:
I’m the developer of this app, the android version is the top Interval Timer App on Google Play and I added an iOS version around a year ago.
It is ad-supported, but has few ads and none of them during the workout. There is also a one time purchase to remove the ads for ~2.99USD
here is the App Store link:
Interval Timer Plus

I started this app out of personal interest for workouts.
It has two modes: simple and advanced.

  • Simple mode works basically like the hardware round timers you are used to from boxing: number of rounds, work, rest
  • Advanced mode allows a lot of settings, but requires more time to set up.
    One of these options is having multiple intervals of different length in a sequence, like the one you are looking for.

I’ve setup an advanced preset for you, I added 8s before “heavy bag” for putting gloves on and 5s after to take them off and move to the battle ropes. This repeats 3 times with 10s rest in between.
Clicking the link below should take you to the AppStore and after installation open the preset for you to save to your device after that you can edit it to adjust it to your needs.