Seres 4 or Series 4 Nike+?

The Nike+ watch seems like it has a few more features than the “standard” Series 4. It is also the same price.

Are there any reasons to not get the Nike+ version?

They don’t launch until October 5, so if you’re really impatient that might be a reason not to. Personally, I never liked the look of the Nike sport bands with the holes in them, but these days you can get them with a sport loop, which looks considerably better.

My Series 2 is Nike watch. I agree it offers more with same price.

Get it if you like the Nike watch bands and Nike watch faces.

Makes me wonder if Series 3 Nike watch can get the new Nike watch faces as well or if it’s exclusive to Series 4 only.

Do the Nike+ versions only have the Nike watch face, or do they have both faces?

It has all Apple faces plus Nike faces.

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