Series 6 Watch isn't seeing the WatchOS 8 update

Has anyone else experienced this? I was excited for WatchOS 8, but not enough to beta it. Now I’m getting impatient, because this is what my Software Update screen shows in the Watch app:

I have:

  • removed the beta profiles from my iPhone and iPad
  • restarted the Watch
  • restarted the iPhone
  • quit and relaunched the Watch app

I’m using a Series 6, so it hasn’t aged out…

Maybe I just have to be patient? I am really not very good at being patient.

I read your posts, opened my phone and the Watch app, clicked “Check for Updates”, et voilà: WatchOS 8. It is downloading, brought in by the Apple emmets, right now.

FWIW, automatic updates is always on in the Watch app and never works. I always have to manually find and install WatchOS updates. Same for my Apple TV.

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Figured it out. I had no memory of this, but I somehow had a beta profile on the Watch, too—one that wasn’t in use.

I need that new swirly-eyes emoji. Wait, I found it! 😵‍💫

I removed that defunct profile and now watchOS 8 is downloading. Hurray!

You make an excellent rubber duck, MPU.

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