Server Rack Cabinet - Garage?

If anyone has experience in this matter, please chime in.

I live in Southern California (south OC) area. Doing some wiring upgrades in the house and switching over to Unifi.

Currently, my “hub” is in the office on a bunch of shelves. I want to put everything into a rack server cabinet. But then the big question, should the cabinet still stay in the office closet or is it safe enough to move to the garage?

The garage door sensor (if accurate) has gotten as high I believe 92 in the garage.

Does anyone have their hubs in the garage and lives in So Cal ? Please advise

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Not CA but have had some computer equipment in my garage. I bought a spec house where the builder ran all the Cat5 and coax to the garage. Put some of the equipment there because it was a lot easier. Garage was insulated so stayed warm in winter due to hot cars after work. Got a bit warm in summer but never much over 90s. Eventually added a window air conditioner to reduce humidity and cool some when I was working on cars.

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I installed an attic fan in our garage and it makes a huge difference!

I live outside Atlanta. I once had a 1U Dell server (dual pentium pro, 4x160GB external drives) that lived in my garage for a couple of years. Didn’t have any temperature-related issues with it. It did sound like a small airplane though.


Aren’t garages prone to dust and cobwebs?

Thank you @SpivR for the helpful comments.

Looks like I’m going to wire everything to the downstairs bedroom closet (being used as an office right now)

For those interested…wires with run from the 2nd floor through the attic down the side of the house in a conduit and popped back into the office close from the outside. (Minimizing Swiss cheesing my house).

Looking at either a 9U or 12U rack. The room and closet are carpeted. No plans on doing flooring.

Any ideas on minimizing potential noise ?
Any ideas on minimizing potential heat?

The room has a ceiling fan already.