Set App- assessments

Hi, If you could weigh in regarding your experience, impressions of Set App.

I understand that people were not too thrilled with having to pay $10/month to add a device. It has since been lowered.

I am an extremely happy user of Setapp. I use it as much as I can and I don’t might the extra cost that I currently pay for a third device. As they continue to add apps that are ready for both Mac and iOS the value continues to increase for me.


+1 for happy and yes I have added additional machines. Good value for money and awesome selection of Mac apps

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Which are your favorite apps?

Which apps do you like best, Luke?

CleanmyMac X
iStat Menus
DefaultFolder X
Text sniper

To name a few …


There’s a long thread here:

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Thanks ever so much!

Also a happy user of Setapp. There are some design and development apps in the lineup that I use from time to time. I only subscribe when I need to and cancel when I don’t have the need.

I use this apps:
ClearVPN - to consume content outside my country
iStat Menu - thinking of upgrading my license soon but still useful
Squash - for optimizing batch of images
Hype - to create HTML5 animation
Mindnode - for outlining and brainstorming
Boom 3D - when I need to boost sound when I meet with my personal trainer via Zoom
CleanmyMac - for optimizing my Mac
OneSwitch - to switch on/off my AirPods and non-Apple headphone
Renamer - batch renaming of files for sharing
Photobulk - for resizing large batch of images and adding watermark
PDF Squeezer - making PDF files smaller
PDF Pen - for editing/annotating PDFs
Typeface - for organizing and activating hundreds of font collection. It can also access all Google Fonts
Prizmo - for OCR of books I use for research
KeyKeyType Tutor - when I need to practice my typing
MockUps Studio - for mocking up websites and apps
Downie - to download YT videos
Aeon Timeline - I use it to build/record timeline of events
FotoMagico Pro - to build faster slideshow of photos
Quicklens - to measure UI
Tripmode - to manage data usage when I have hotspot turned on

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I used it for a year, and it was a great chance to try out lots of apps.

I didn’t continue as I calculated that buying the apps I used frequently was less than a year’s subscription (I didn’t use any of the more expensive apps like CleanMyMac, which would justify the cost). Nevertheless, it was a great way to discover some nice apps.


The apps I use constantly are CloudMounter, Ulysses, 2Do, Lungo, Bartender, Magic Window Air, Dropshare, Short Menu, AdGuard, Spotless, CleanShot X, Paletro, Yoink, App Tamer, ClearVPN, Endurance, Mate Translate, Diarly, Boon 3D, CleanMyMac X, BetterZip, TextSniper, CodeRunner, iStat Menus, SSH Config Editor, Permute, MeetInOne, ForkLift, Downie, BetterTouchTools, PDFPen, and Gemini.

The apps I’m happiest with are Ulysses, 2Do, Lungo, Bartender, Dropshare, AdGuard, CleanShot X, Yoink, Mate Translate, Diarly, CleanMyMac X, BetterZip, and BTT.

Some of the other ones that I use I use less regularly so I don’t have strong feelings about them. There are a few that are new and I’m still building an opinion.

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Thanks ever so much, Luke!

I was just trying to get Mate Translate to work without any luck. Is there anything I need to know in order to get it to “work”?

Thank you ever so much, wired!

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I’ve been a SetApp user for a long time. Arguably, it was a better value when I had 2 Macs, but I’m still keeping it on my single M1 MBA. The iOS apps are a nice addition, but since I’m limited to a total of 2 devices under the plan, I have to decide whether the iPad or the iPhone will get the apps (besides the fact that I’ve already purchased most of them). I’ve suggested they allow 2 iOS devices to count as 1 device for the plan, but no response.

I suggest if you have questions about the worth, try it for a month or two. Then remove the apps you have installed and see how well you can live without them.


Thanks, Tony!

I didn’t realize two devices were included! :grinning:

Not to my knowledge. It works fine out of the box for me.

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