Setapp and apps like iMazing - lack of updates

Several weeks ago, I jumped on the Setapp bandwagon. I am quite pleased with the overall experience.

If only the included apps would be updated more frequently… One reason I signed up for Setapp was iMazing. I am planning on using iOS 12 as public beta and backing up my devices using iMazing. As I understand, 2.6.1 is needed in order to do that. Well, 2.4 is the current version on Setapp.

There are other examples for apps that are on Setapp but who are not available in their current version.

Are there any MPU Setapp members around? Probably, there are some of you. Are you pleased with Setapp?

I understand that Setapp needs the cooperation of the app developers. If they do not release updates for their apps in Setapp, the members have an outdated application. In the long run, I am not so sure if the Setapp model can work with app developers who do not dedicate themselves pushing updates in a timely manner to their Setapp versions.

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This was exactly my experience. I gave setapp a try, because I was curious about Timing, Iconjar and Ulysses.
I’m a long term user of most of the other apps that are useful to me (Bartender, iStat Menus, PhotoBulk, BetterTouchTool, Studies, Screens).

However I noticed the same thing… some apps were not updated regularly. It’s hard to justify the subscription price then.


Ulysses sealed the deal for me with Setapp. It pays for half of Setapp by itself. I always install Clean My Mac, Better Touch Tool, Bartender, and Busy Cal on all my MacBook Pros (I have two). Setapp also lets me play with apps I might not normally even think about. For example, X-Mind is now a regularly used app. I used Mind Manager for a long time until I couldn’t justify the pricing anymore.

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I’m a huge fan of SetApp. I’m regularly using 2do and Ulysses which were both beyond my scope. There are a few apps that aren’t the most recent version, but I don’t mind it. Though, I’m also the kind of person who waits to update apps until all the bugs are clear.

@Christian — iMazing 2.6.3 is the now available on Setapp. I find that Setapp is sometimes a little bit behind on the updates (I think they may have their own vetting process), but the wait is generally not very long in my experience.


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@timstringer – Thank you for the heads up! Very good news!

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I agree with everyone about the amazing experience of trying new apps I would never have tried before. My personal new favorite is the Wallpaper app on Setapp. Makes my day to see good wallpaper images. =)

I only wish some other one time pay apps like FruitJuice would jump onboard!


I haven’t noticed the delay in updates. I’m just glad I get to use all the cool apps.

I know there’s some delay, but that’s due to the fact that Setapp ahem apps uses Setapp DRM, which has to be added in to the source of the app, which can be a HUGE pain in the butt. I remember nTrack 9 took a week or so from release to Setapp release, when that’s said, I don’t usually follow the individual apps so I can’t say much about that. I do remember one time where the Setapp version was faster released than the inferior non-Setapp, can’t remember which app though :confused:

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Thank you all for your responses!

I had been sceptical about the Facebook group’s shutdown, but I really have to say that this community is way better and just great. :slight_smile:


We NEED to go back to the federated forums days, back then was much better than is now! However I won’t see my granny go to to see family photos or check up on family gatherings, so I guess we’re stuck with fb for a little while :man_shrugging: