SetApp for iOS - Worthwhile or Nah?

Hey MPU Fam,

I’ve used SetApp for the last few years on my Mac and have loved it. I got it initially for the Mac Clean app and a few others - the cost has certainly worked itself out.

How many of you have added iOS to your subscription? I want to give it a try and my renewal comes up in a week. Have those of you who have added the iOS package found it to be worth while? Worst case I just use it for a year, but thought I’d check with the Mac Tribe before taking the dive.



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I subscribe to Setapp at the Power User level (grandfathered in at a lower rate :grinning:) and I get 4 Macs and 4 iOS Devices. I use it on 3 Macs and 1 iPad use 18 Mac apps but the only iOS app I use from Setup is Craft. I think they have 33-36 iOS apps. I would just look at the list and see if any of the iOS apps are worth the upgrade to you.

Yeah, there are a few interesting looking apps and one or two that I know I’d use.

As I was exploring, I found they have discounts available for educators, but only on the one Mac account. I pushed a bit and they said they could create a separate iOS account and apply the discount to my Mac. It’s not quite clean, but interesting. I’m trying to get some explanation about how the Mac and iOS apps would communicate. I don’t quite understand how they partition off the SetApp apps versus the regular apps and if that impacts how iOS and MacOS apps talk to one another, if that makes sense. I’ve asked them if they apps would still cross talk, but the person I’m chatting with doesn’t really understand how the apps work either.

Craft works just the same as when I paid through Craft directly.

When you use Setapp to install IOS devices, Setapp will have a QR code that you use. It takes you to the AppStore, select get and it’s installed. From there you use it like any other iOS app.

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Thank you! I wasn’t sure if they functioned the same or differently. On my Mac, they seem to exist outside of the application library, so I didn’t know if that would impact their function or not.

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Never signed up for Setapp, but I’m real curious to know where their apps live if not in the Applications folder. Not really surprised since their business is restricting apps to only those who subscribe.

They live in the Applications folder, but in a subdirectory called, enterprisingly enough, ‘SetApp’.

There’s a background monitoring program which checks whether you’re subscribed or not but the actual launching of the individual programs is no different from any other. They’re still available from Spotlight, Alfred, etc.


Thank you! I appreciate this.

Now to see if they can or will do an iOS only account, as I can’t do an educational discount with anything but the 1 device (Mac) account. Waiting in the chat que to hear.

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If you also have a Mac it is worth it. I use at least 5 apps from there, including NotePlan.


Yeah, I use five or six apps from there as well. It’s been very worth the annual subscription. For the cost, there are about 4-5 iOS apps I’m interested in trying, but because they don’t do a stand-alone iOS sub, I’m not sure if it will make sense to subscribe or not, as I’ve found that the value of the educator discount is way beyond the cost of the iOS and probably more worth my time and money.

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I have it for the Mac and iOS. I don’t use it much for the latter but it is very reasonable and they are located in the Ukraine- so I don’t mind.

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Their site says you can get an educator discount for an annual subscription and to add iOS it would be an additional monthly fee per device, which sounded like a fair price but after setting up my educator account I find out it only works for Mac now and there’s no way to add iOS devices since it’s been discontinued.

I canceled it before my 7 day trial was up. The current price is just too expensive.

A lot of the apps offered I already bought over the years through their respective developers.

I also noticed a lot of the apps aren’t the most current versions.

I haven’t noticed this with the apps I am using. Sometimes takes a couple of days for the app to get updated in SetApp. I think the contract with developers states that they must provide the current version of their app else the app will be removed. This is from the SetApp FAQ for developers: