Setapp Installed all their apps when I updated to Monterey

I don’t know how this happened but Setapp installed all of their apps on an Intel Macbook Pro when I updated to Monterey. I didn’t install any of their apps and used CleanMyMacX to uninstall the app two days ago. I’m not sure what happened.

You installed a non-updated app onto the first developer beta of a new OS on the very first day of its release and it did something wrong?

Gosh…. Who would have guessed such a thing was 100% likely to happen?!?!


Thanks for the sarcasm. I know the risks and I’m just communicating my experience. And I didn’t install Setapp today, I installed a couple days ago and uninstalled it the next day.

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OK, let me reword it…

“You’re using a new beta 1 of an OS which is mere hours old, and surprised that any app doesn’t work correctly?”

That being said, perhaps a thread “Here are apps that don’t work properly under Developer Beta 1” might be useful to people who are trying the beta.

That’s why I put it in the “Beta Town” category.

Fair enough. TBH, I rarely ever notice the category because I just use

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I only found it today too. So I’m with you on that.

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Might be easiser to list apps that are working.

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