Setapp New Pricing Schedule

Recently Setapp sent a notice that it was changing its pricing schedules. I’m trying to think through the pros and cons of this. My own annual pricing would go from $107.88 to $134.88, all things being equal. However, they are providing “loyalty plans” for those of us who are long time users of the platform. The information they’ve provided in their documentation makes little sense to me. I’ve been with Setapp since 2017 without any issues. Has anyone else already gone through this process who might be able to provide a clearer understanding of the cost changes (if any) so I can properly account for any cost increases? Is the added cost worth the value of the service at this point?

I went through the increase a month or so ago. I think they called my plan the “Power User” plan. I forget the exact amount, but it was maybe a $20-$30 increase. I was OK with it, because it covered the 3 Macs that I use, but also added iPhones and iPads as part of the cost. There were some apps that fell into the “would be nice to have” on iOS/iPadOS, but not enough for me to pay the per-device fee under the old plan, which would have come out to a minimum of $60 per year for me (and more if I wanted to cover my old “read in bed” iPad).

And as I’m typing this, I’m wondering if I have the price increase correct. It may have been less than that. On my old plan, my third Mac wasn’t part of my legacy 2-device plan, and I paid separately each month for that. So there’s a chance the new plan is actually cheaper, but don’t quote me on that.

So I went back and looked at the purchase history in my account:

  • old plan totaled $140.25 ($110.37 for my legacy plan plus an extra device at 29.88 ($2.49 per month)
  • new plan is $134.88

So the new plan was a good deal for me.

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I’d probably still be a subscriber if they simply put their prices up, but they seem to make a habit of changing up the basis of charges and apparently confusing people in the process.

I originally paid a single price for all my devices, then they switched things up so that wasn’t the case and now it sounds like they’re going back to that? What ever happened to just raising prices?