Setapp version of Ulysses

Hi Folks, anybody using the setapp version of Ulysses, please can you tell me if it includes your iOS devices or it just for MacOS and you have to purchase the iOS app for Ulysses separately. Thanks guys

From the bottom of this page

Ulysses is also available with Setapp, the subscription service for Mac apps. The Setapp subscription will activate Ulysses not only on your Mac, but on your iPhone and iPad as well.

It works flawlessly. After you have installed Ulysses (Setapp version) on your Mac, you just have to launch it on your Mac.

When you launch Ulysses on your iOS device after that, the app will recognize your Setapp subscription.

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Thanks guys, that’s great

Just FYI.

Perhaps not an issue for regular users of Ulysses on both platforms but I found out the hard way that the Mac version needs to be launched periodically (perhaps every 30 days or so) in order for the iOS version to know that the Setapp subscription is still active.

Since I have a desktop that’s always on and is part of my Setapp subscription, I just keep Ulysses open there now.


That’s true, it’s 30 days, otherwise iOS version turns into Read-only mode.

I can see where that might be a problem for some folks.

Yes, I’m one of those finding this problematic.