Setting HomePod mini as default audio on tvOS 15 dev beta 1 - issue

Hey has anyone else out there tried this? I have the dev beta 1 installed on my Apple TV and both the Apple TV and the HomePod minis are set to be in the same room in HomeKit. When I go to the Default Audio setting I don’t see the HomePod mini pair as an option for default audio. Curious if it hasn’t been enabled yet or if I’m doing something wrong.

I have a related question. I’m considering purchasing two iPod minis to sit at both corners of a large Samsung TV to use instead of the TV’s speakers. I presume that this will only work when using Apple TV? Ideally I’d like to use them for all TV use. Is that possible?

UPDATE - I didn’t realize there was also HomePod mini betas that I had to install in order to get this working. Once I got those on the beta (probably will severely regret that) it popped up and prompted me to set them as the default speakers :).

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