Setting HomePod mini as default audio on tvOS 15 dev beta 1 - issue

Hey has anyone else out there tried this? I have the dev beta 1 installed on my Apple TV and both the Apple TV and the HomePod minis are set to be in the same room in HomeKit. When I go to the Default Audio setting I don’t see the HomePod mini pair as an option for default audio. Curious if it hasn’t been enabled yet or if I’m doing something wrong.

I have a related question. I’m considering purchasing two iPod minis to sit at both corners of a large Samsung TV to use instead of the TV’s speakers. I presume that this will only work when using Apple TV? Ideally I’d like to use them for all TV use. Is that possible?

UPDATE - I didn’t realize there was also HomePod mini betas that I had to install in order to get this working. Once I got those on the beta (probably will severely regret that) it popped up and prompted me to set them as the default speakers :).

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How is the Homepod Mini as paired TV speakers for the AppleTV? Does it have Dolby Atmos?

I’m thinking of getting two just as TV speakers. Another question is, can Siri on the Homepod works outside countries where it’s not officially available?

Siri doesn’t work on our AppleTV using my Philippine Apple ID but it works when I switch to my alternate US account.