Setting up a business based on the apple ecosystem

Hi all,

I’m in the process of expanding my business and I’m needing to start on boarding more staff.

Much of the businesses systems and processes rely on automations that I have built in Shortcuts and keyboard maestro, plus utilise many other pieces of software.

I have a problem!

I’m a bit confused with how to best manage the expansion and ensure all of the Mac’s within the business remain totally up to date with whatever changes I make (to shortcuts for example) on my computer (that are part of the systems of the business).

It would almost be great to have systemwide control over all staff computers to make sure even software updates are correctly carried out.

Can anyone suggest any solutions? Is anyone doing anything similar at the moment?

Thanks in advance,


I would talk to Jamf.


Didn’t Apple roll out some kind of small business program aimed at companies that don’t quite meet the level that Jamf and competitors target? This might be it: Small and Medium-Size Businesses - Apple


Amazing thanks guys!

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