Setting up a fake work email - best practice?

My work (a school) doesn’t have a work emails, which really annoy me, as I have to use my personal email for work.

So I want to set up a work email for myself. Something like andreas[insert name of school]@whatever.?

I already have a personal gmail account set up on iOS Mail - I don’t use a Mac anymore.

Is it possible to have two gmail accounts synced on iOS mail? Because gmail is just the fastest way to set up a new free email reliable account.

Or does someone else have good alternatives to gmail I could use?

Sure is. In Settings > Passwords & Accounts, press “Add Account”. Choose “Google” on the next page, then on the next page start the process of entering the credentials (email address, password, 2-factor auth code if applicable).


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You can set up 2 gmail accounts on iOS mail as far as I know.

I personally use Spark to manage a few gmail and non-gmail accounts, and so far it works great.

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Alright thanks. It will be my third gmail account.

Any other free reliable email services out There?

Why not create an additional icloud account for the email? Would give you native ios support, and privacy options also.

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You can create up to 3 alias accounts in your iCloud email accounts.

Yes you can add multiple email accounts
to your iOS devices. As mentioned above:
Settings > Passwords & Accounts : Add Account


I have six gmail accounts active on my iPad. It’s not a problem :slight_smile:

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try: “andreas+schoolname@[your gmail domain]”

doesn’t need new email accounts, can use filtering if you want. World’s your oyster.

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Not mac related but:

From a GDPR perspective I find it strange that the school would not manage email addresses.
I would think this is a violation of at least articles 5, 6 and 12, as parents / people emailing staff do not know what data is processed, how their data is processed and have no option to exercise their data subject rights with the data controller (i.e. the school).

I actually think it is bad that the school might be making the teachers liable for GDPR fines by not having properly secured email options for teachers. (btw with secured I mean: information security + proper contracts with service providers)

Example: As a teacher I create an email with gmail, I use this to exchange (potentially sensitive) information with teachers. Did I ask the parent beforehand I was going to do official (as in: business) communications via a non-private channel, not under contract with the school?
And where do parents exercise their rights? Google? The School?
That won’t work as it is your mailbox that is storing the data.
So in the end they will come to (or for) you…

My recommendation would be to discuss GDPR compliance of this setup in your school.