“Settings app” not showing in search

I have a ridiculous question, for which I apologise, but it’s really bugging me. I can’t find the answer online and figured you fine folk would know what to do.

Most my apps are in the App Library, on iPhone and iPad. On iPhone I just search for the app I want, and it works like it should. On iPad though, searching for “settings” has never brought up the settings app. I have no idea why and it is maddening. I have to go to the App Library and look for Settings with my eyes, like it’s the 1980s :angry:

Is it a setting I’ve got wrong somewhere, or a problem with iPadOS?

Whilst trying to troubleshoot this I did notice the “settings>general” menu is slightly different on an iPad to an iPhone. That chap who writes about working just from an iPad has complained about the search function on iPad before, is this what I’m experiencing?

It’s been doing this ever since I changed my setup to use search first, months ago, but this week I’ve been tinkering in the settings of both devices a lot so it’s been particularly annoying me.

I have no issues finding the “Settings” app via search on both my iPad Mini and the iPad Pro, both running iPadOS 15.7 (German localization which means that I am looking for “Einstellungen”).

It should just work.

An idea: try disabling and enabling the Settings app over here:

Maybe, it helps.

Hi Christian, it sounds like it’s me that has messed this up since your devices work fine! The downside is there doesn’t appear to be a setting in settings that tells settings to appear in search :roll_eyes:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Siri & Search
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Enable Show App in “Search”
  5. Enable Show Contents in “Search”
  6. Done.

If all of this already is enabled: disable this setting, restart the iPad, enable everything again.

It should work. When I disable the option, I also am not able to “find” Settings in search. After enabling the option, it is working again.

If all this is not helping: sorry! :slight_smile:

I don’t have “Siri & Search” as an option on the iPad (now on 15.7, but it wasn’t in the menu on 15.6 either). I did have it on my iPhone as a separate menu item on the left in the main menu, but I’ve just noticed that now I’ve upgraded to 16.0 it’s gone from that menu too. My menu looks like this (General is open on the right):

I can set individual apps to be revealed in search by clicking on each app in the settings menu and enabling “Show app in search”, but there’s nowhere to tell iPad search to reveal the settings app (that I have found).

It is getting more weird. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do next.

You might try the stuff others have done with your issue:

There are several potential causes why that option is missing.

One cause could be:

This is perfect, thank you!! I’m fixed!! It hadn’t occurred to me to “go back a step” and figure out why I couldn’t see the menu option that would fix my problem.

Once I toggled the content option for Siri, my Siri menu came back and I could see that the option to view “Settings” in search was disabled. I’ve switched it on and now it works as it should!!

Thank you so much for your patience and for figuring it out!