SF bags made the case that Apple should have

I have several bags from these guy’s and love their products. This case looks gorgeous. Almost makes me want to buy the earphones… Almost!


I wondered how long it would take before we started seeing 3rd party alternatives :slight_smile:

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Do they make better versions of the Siri remote too?


And these sold out just as fast as the AirPods Max

I ordered one. I don’t see myself taking the APMs with me frequently while travelling, but it’s not impossilble that I might want to try them while on a plane. These cases look exactly like what I’d have wanted from Apple (not that I’d have expected Apple to include a leather case, but something protective would have been nice for the price they’re asking).

Mine arrived today. The quality is very high, as I would expect from Waterfield. It’s got a nice soft interior and a good amount of padding that ought to do a good job protecting the AirPods Max. All the pictures they show have the AirPods Max headband collapsed all the way, but I’ve found that I can just barely fit them in the case without collapsing it (I run the headband extended all the way). If you want a high quality, more traditional headphone case for your AirPods Max, the Waterfield one will definitely do the job.


Might get rid of my WaterField case now!