Share button for Brave/Chrome Browser like in Safari?

Based on the feedback I’ve read in other threads, I’m trying the Brave browser. I like it. BUT, it does not have a Share function like in Safari.

Is there an extension for Brave/Chrome that has a similar function?

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, this is not what I’m looking for. For example, the “Add to Any” extension is for social media sharing. I rarely use social media. As shown on the screenshot above, I want to share to Apple Notes, DevonThink, Email, etc., as I can with the Safari share button. Do you know of any extensions for Chrome/Brave that will enable this? I’ve searched but I’m not finding one but I may be missing it. Thanks for the help.

I use systemwide PopClip extensions for that type of sharing.


This is my solution too, but I don’t like it as much as the native share sheet.

Mainly because I can’t share links that render into the sleek previews in Notes. As far as I can tell, that only happens when shared via the native system share sheet, which is an annoying limitation. I’d love to be able to right-click a hyperlink in Apple Notes and switch it to/from the preview version.

Yes, I’m finding that to be my experience as well. It looks like I’m going to remain on Safari as my default app. There are no perfect solutions. :slight_smile: