Share iOS Photo with Portrait data

Hi MPUers, we recently clicked a few pictures with my friends’ iPhone 13 Pro in portrait mode. He shared them with me via Airdrop. We also selected the “All Photo Data” option when sharing them so I can edit/remove the portrait effect if I want to later.

I do see all the photo info like location, date/time, etc. but I am not able to remove the portrait mode on the picture. The photos app detects it as a “Portrait” photo since it is showing the portrait badge on the top left, but when I hit, it doesn’t allow me to remove the effect.

What can I do here to make sure photos are shared in a way that I can edit the portrait mode effect?

Yes, you can remove it on the phone you took it on. Edit > there’s a banner on the top of the photo. Tap that, and it’s removed. I do it all the time on the photos taken on my phone

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