Share Magic Trackpad with iMac and MacBook Pro

I’m trying to declutter my home desk space and eliminate dual keyboard and trackpad use. I’ve solved keyboard by moving to a Logitech that allows the quick toggle across devices. I don’t love the lag time when I switch computers on the keyboard, but it’s ok for my use. I’m not back and forth too much during the day.

Are there any creative solutions for quickly toggling a Magic Trackpad between an iMac and MacBook Pro. Perhaps an AppleScript + Keyboard maestro option? Open for any suggestions.

I’ve seen mention of Synergy in a related thread but I’m not familiar with the software nor certain it will solve this simple use case.

Thanks for any tips you might have — jay

According to Magic Trackpad Manual you can’t do it.

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Well, there you have it. Thanks @bowline. Never even thought to check the docs! :roll_eyes:

Huh. I use my Magic Trackpad (1st gen) with both of my Macs without any issues. The only problem happens when both Macs are turned on at the same time; if I have to do that then I have to have bluetooth turned off on one of them.

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Thanks for the response. I’m looking for a “one-button” or “one-command” type solution limited to the trackpad. I’m familiar with turning off Bluetooth entirely (and/or disconnecting the device). I don’t want to go that path to simply switch back/forth between the 2 computers through the day. — jay

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FWIW, this is clunky as heck, but if you have them connected via USB and you switch the USB cable from one machine to another (think KVM) they’ll switch over when the USB switches.

It’s absolutely not optimal, but it does work. :slight_smile:

I think toothfairy works on all bluetooth devices, so maybe you can just have an icon in the menu bar for the keyboard and connect if/when needed through that?

I never thought about using Toothfairy as I’ve always thought about it exclusively as an AirPod utility.

I tried it and it is so close… I can configure both the keyboard and trackpad. However, when I choose either, Toothfairy times out. I imagine that is because both devices are still connected on the other Mac. I’ll have to play around further. If I can get it to work, it looks like Toothfairy could be the best choice.

Thanks for the tip

Just to close the loop on this in case someone references this thread later.

Toothfairy does work in that it allows me, through keyboard shortcuts, to disconnect the trackpad on one Mac and then re-connect on the other Mac. It’s worth noting I had difficulty getting this to work with a Magic Trackpad 2. Works fine for me with an original Trackpad.

Technically it works fine. However, from a workflow standpoint it’s still a bit klunky. For now, I’ll continue to have both trackpads on my desk. Much faster switching time. — jay