Share MS Sculpt Keyboard with Mac and PC

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I have 3 computers

  • Work Intel Mbp for productivity
  • Personal M1 Mbp for productivity.
  • Personal i12 Windows PC, primarily for gaming.

Desk setup:

  • Display: I have an Super Ultrawide display with 2 DP and 1 HDMI input, audio out, USB. I plug the PC in directly, and the Mac goes through a USB-C to DP converted to the display.
  • Kb/Mouse - Logitech MX Kb/Mouse can switch between all 3 computers.
  • Audio: Monitor speakers connected to display’s audio out. It’s only 2.1 stereo but it works.
  • Other Peripherals: Scanner, USB drives, USB Camera ,etc are connected to a Caldigit Dock, which only the Mac’s can connect to via Thunderbolt. The PC doesn’t have access to them.

The kb/mouse setup isn’t ideal because I want to use the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard that I got as a gift with all 3 computers. It will only connect to the USB dongle that it came with.

If I put the dongle in the Caldigit dock, work and personal macbooks can use it as they are connected ( but only one at a time ) to the dock.

If I put the dongle in the PC, it works but the Mac’s cannot access the keyboard.

I’m happy with the switching the display using a switch, but I need something for the MS Sculpt keyboard. Ideas?

I’ve not used this, but Barrier might be a solution.

I hope you find a setup that works for you.

I think a physical KVM switch is your only option here, as the dongle is required to use the wireless keyboard.

KVM switches are notoriously tricky. Here’s a good overview of how to choose a KVM switch that is likely to work:

You have the advantage of only needing the keyboard to work, so you can ignore all of the video incompatibilities.

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