Share sheet changes over the years (dropping Facebook?)

Howdy everyone.

Quick question – Is Facebook sharing fewer and fewer ways for third parties to work with them?

Or is Apple limiting what the share-sheet can do (esp. in regard to Facebook)?

Some time ago, I noticed I could no longer click the share sheet on my Mac in Preview and share a .png/screen shot or any graphic or photo to FB. I would tell myself to remember to send it from my phone.

Now, the phone’s latest update has taken away that easy ability to share.

I first thought, “What the heck Apple?” but then realized that these tech giants don’t all work nor play well with others.

I guess my question is, “Who took their ball and went home first?”

And the real question is: Are there other easy ways to get photos and links from my phone and (especially) computer onto FB?

I might be missing something obvious – I am really good at missing the obvious! – Someone pointed out to me something about the new mail updates & flagging messages that I had totally missed. Obvious things do not always stand out to me!!

I manage with drag-and-drop (computer) and various work-arounds on my phone; but it would be nice if it were easier.



I can share from Photos to Facebook - and from Safari. Is that what you wanted, or have I misunderstood?

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I just post the photo from inside the Facebook app. Open the app, start a new update, click on photo/video, select the photo, and go from there.

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On your Mac or phone?

I’ve found the FB share (a layer or two deep inside of the phone app); but not on my Mac. Have I damaged something in my Mac’s os?

No, it’s gone from the share sheet as of Mojave (as are Internet logins in System Preferences for social networks in general.) I don’t know if it’s possible to bring it back via scripting or not.

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Thanks cornchip!

Sigh – It was so useful!

On any computer (perhaps especially the Mac) there are so many ways to complete any task that I’m left with several options.

Re: “Many ways” – I remember talking about Markdown in an Apple store and quickly typed something up in Byword or iA Writer; then dragged the small icon in the file name down to Marked and it opened the file, etc., showing the results. The Apple tech said, “I didn’t know you could drag a file to a program like that!”

Thanks again!


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Phone - it’s gone from Mac. However, I have a bit of javascript that someone created a few years back (before the share sheet) that still works for Safari, if that’s of any use.

Create a bookmark and paste the below as the address. Then, from any page in Safari, click the bookmark to share the page with Facebook.