Share via email

I want to create a shortcut to share a something to two specific email address via email, however, I don’t understand why I need to sign in to my email account to do so?

Is there a way around this?

This shortcut accepts any kind of input.
Just use the “share” button in any app & run this shortcut, and it will send the input as an attachment to pre-defined e-mail addresses.

You do have to open up the shortcut and type in your own e-mail address, as well as substitute the two dummy addresses with real ones.


Hi Tommy, thanks I have tried this but it still requires me to sign in to an email account (see image). I do not understand why this is the case?

Does this happen at your end?

Hmm… that’s weird - at my end it just works :thinking:

Have you tried to add your e-mail account once again?