Share you Password Manager for Apple ecosystem

Hi everyone :slight_smile: , can you share the password manager you are using right now and why?

If you feel like it, could you also help me. I am on the hunt for a good password manager that is either free or a one-time purchase for the Apple ecosystem. Using 1PW ATM and I am not super onboard with subscriptions anymore. Do not want to spend $36 every year, since this moat keeps getting deeper. Here’s what I am looking for:

  • Free or one time buy
  • Works great with Apple ecosystem (iOS and macOS) and all major browser
  • Has awesome security (good encryption, 2FA, etc.). Definitely mandatory
  • Has feature to add trusted contact, so they can access my passwords in case of emergency
  • Ability to add documents as well
  • Good to have
    • Watchtower like feature
    • Works offline

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

PS: I know a lot of you love 1PW, and I do too, but I do not use it that often, like once a week only on my mac. I use LastPass for most logins (the non-important ones). Just using it since MPU recommended and felt secure from the UI and reviews :smile:


I use 1PW and it’s free for me. Not sure if I’m grandfathered into an old plan or I’ve missed some comms on it (I paid a one-off fee ages ago).

There has been a lot of discussion on this lately - the search function can help you find it.

And this mega thread:


Strongbox on both Mac and iOS, available in the app stores. Local storage and one-time purchase available. Native apps.

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I use 1Password, have forever. I’m not thrilled about the move to Electron, but after listening to a few more level-headed views I’ve decided to put my search for an alternative on hold, possibly Indefinitely. If it still works the same as it does now when v8 comes out, I’ll probably just keep it.

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I use 1Password Families that I get with my Eero+ subscription. The benefits are worth the expense for me.


I use my brain.

  • Free, no subscriptions
  • Nice password generating functions
  • Still runs when the power goes out
  • The odds of it being stolen are pretty low, I think


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Unique passwords for every site?

Bitwarden. I use the Premium version (12$ pa) Liked the progress and that it is open source.

Although I might use Apple‘s Keychain after Monterey and iOS 15.

Indeed there are. :slight_smile:

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+1 for 1Password……worth it

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I’ve seen my friend doing this. He use passphrase combination of one constant long word, unique words based on domain name of the web/app, combination of long number from salt & birth date.

He count with fingers in cryptic way whenever want to log into any website.

Wow. Just, wow!

I use 1p for family as we are all invested in Apple universe. But here some features I don’t like and I might change in the future when anual subscription is over - I still don’t know which product to choose

Haha! I hope you’re joking :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

And nope, no constant long words, no domain or app related data, no birth date (mine or anyone else’s). :slight_smile:

PS: I’m not saying it’s what everyone wants to do. It suits me and keeps me from being reliant on some app or service to provide or store passwords outside my control.

1Password (subscription) and Minimalist (lifetime license/local app) both for MacOS, iPadOS and iOS. Key 2FA Codes are backed up in Microsoft Authenticator

I was looking for alternatives as well and found Minimalist, which I like so far.

I did the free trial for a while and bought the lifetime license

@simonsmark Minimalist definitely looks great and sleek. I’m just a little concerned about the security and all, it being a new company.

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Given the data is on device and synced encrypted with iCloud I think it is safe. There is no company server in the middle. Think that is the reason they can offer it for a one-time purchase pricing as they have no backend to maintain