Share your Apple Reminders setups, please!

Hi friends! I’m looking to get rid of as many subscription apps as possible, especially ones that have a solid free alternative. I’m impressed by the work Apple has been doing on Reminders, and I’m considering making it a summer project to move from Todoist :arrow_right: Apple Reminders.

I use Todoist to practice GTD (although I’m less of a zealot about it these days) and use tags as contexts and projects as… well, projects.

I think I could easily transfer my system to Reminders (overall, the biggest con of Reminders is it takes a lot of clicks, and the natural language magic is not there, but I think I can deal), but I’m also looking for some inspiration on how others are using it and if anyone is doing anything cool/different.

Please share you’re setups if you’re willing!

InstaRemind is good for quickly creating new reminders on Mac.

GoodTask is a good alternative front-end for Reminders on all devices, and is (afaik) the only way to get 3 upcoming reminders/calendar events onto the large rectangle complication on Apple Watch.


i just got goosebumps

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i just got goosebumps

Glad I’m not the only one with this requirement!

for simple reminders, I just use Siri from phone, iPad, watch, etc to add the reminders

For more complex needs, I manage that using Goodtask

Simple but meets my need

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I currently use a combination of reminders and Trello, though I plan on transitioning the Trello stuff to reminders once I’m on the public beta with columns.

  • My wife and I share a “Town List” and “House Chores” list, one for things we need to do when we’re in town (groceries, Target, Home Depot, etc) and one for misc chores we need to do at home. There’s probably a simpler way to do this.
  • We also share several “gift lists” for different people. With the update we may update this to a single list with different sections.
  • I have a list with just dated reminders for future me
  • My trello board has columns for “this week”, “waiting for”, and “later”
    • When I work on something for this week but don’t complete it, I’ll just use notes or a checklist to add my next actions.
    • Once I’m fully on reminders, everything in “later” will have an alert date
  • I also have an inbox reminders list where I can just dump things or tell Siri and I can move it where I need later.
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