Share Your Home Office Setup

We often share our homescreens so I thought it might be interesting and helpful for us to share our home office setup. Take a picture of your home office and share. This may give some good ideas to MPU members.

I’ll start by sharing mine. I work paperlessly so my hardware setup is simple—MBP 13" touchbar, iPad Pro 10.5" as a second screen. I also have a printer in the basement rec. room, should I ever need it. I rarely print anything but my wife does on occasion. Depending on my mood I either work at the desk in the study or move to one of the leather chairs. IMG_1619


That is an awesome looking office!

Very neat/ordered, and you did not mar the decor with a big honking monitor or three on your desk!

Thanks. I like the more “traditional” look for a home study/office. I’m also a little OCD when it comes to neatness. :slight_smile:

Very nice looking setup… Mind never looks that perfect, ever. :slight_smile:

Is the MacBook charged wirelessly? (wired power mat?) I couldn’t see any charging cable.

I was on battery but there is a small extension cord on the floor. It is white and matches the carpet so it is hard to see, by design. :slight_smile:

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I’m a little OCD that way. :slight_smile:

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Wow! Nice classy setup. My desk is a mess. Now, if you were to go out the garage and look through my tool chests you’d see a different story. This should be my goal.

Thanks. I’m blessed to have a nice study. I consider it my Haven. :slight_smile: