Share your most used iPhone tip

That would be a big help to a new iPhone user.

Try to 3D Touch everything if your phone supports it.


That is just about the best question I’ve seen in a long time.
And maybe the most difficult to answer :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about it for a time now. I use my iPhone so much it is hard to say what my “most used iPhone tip” is. but I’ll give it a try:

Without 3rd party apps

  • +1 for the force pressing everything you can
  • long press the spacebar to move the cursor around text in app.
  • install shortcuts app

With 3rd party apps:

  • install drafts in your dock
  • get a VPN app/provider (I use because it auto starts on an unknown network)
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double tapping the space bar gives you a full stop.

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  • Use the search for playing music and calling people rather than opening an app.
  • Siri has improved lately and is better than people make it out to be ( at least in english).
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Use search for everything. I have dozens of folders dating back to my 3G in 2009 but I never look in them.


Always keep AirPods nearby

Turn off vibration ring on silent mode so that when you turn the phone on silent it truly stops bothering you (and others).


Enable “Do not disturb” in Control Center with 3d-touch to access the options

  • for one hour
  • until this evening
  • until I leave this location

Press and hold “.?123” key, drag to the one key you need on that screen, release to return to qwerty screen.


My all-time favorite tip.


When scrolling down a long page (Safari, Mail, really, any app with long scrolling text), press the area at the top of the screen (right below the notch in iPhone X/Xs devices, or in older devices, the area where you see the current time and network operator) and the screen will scroll all the way back to the top of the page.

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When using Messages to write a text message from scratch, or when using the share sheet to share something via, tap the ‘.’ key and you’ll get a list of your most recent addressees/recipients to select from.


long press the forward - backward arrow in safari to chose the page you want to go to from a popup list

Long press the address bar in Safari to get the “Paste and Go” option (if you have a URL on the clipboard) or “Paste and Search” (for any other text on the clipboard).

Siri does a lot of things for you,i think it is one of Apple’s greatest inventions.
And install a iPhone data eraser( )Once the iPhone runs out of storage, just make it work.

ooooh this is a very nice one :astonished: :upside_down_face:

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Doesn‘t work for me or I get it wrong.

Swipe the „home bar“ on an iPhone without home button to quickly switch apps.
Swipe down on it to pull down the screen to reach the top more easily.

Your phone ringing is annoying.

Press the power button already!

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