Share your OmniFocus Custom Perspectives

I’m ¾ of the way through @RosemaryOrchard’s excellent book in OmniFocus and finished @MacSparky’s equally excellent OmniFocus 3 Field Guide yesterday.

Customized perspectives is one of the most important and powerful features of the OmniFocus app. I thought we could gain a great deal from each other by sharing our custom perspectives. If you’re willing, please post a screenshot of one or more of your custom perspectives. I will do the same.


I posted ten examples of Custom Perspectives on Learn OmniFocus:

…and there are more to come soon.


Here’s a great one for Sunday, assuming you use a defer-date method on flagged tasks. “Looking forward”.


Things have been nuts enough for me that I’m behind on reevaluating what I need out of my perspectives, but I have a couple:
Priority: Has a due date, is due soon, is flagged, has my forecast tag, my “subflag” or my subflag tag AND is remaining.
AT Work: Tagged with any of my work tags, sorted by due (useful for seeing if I can just get out at quitting time on a Friday)
FilterBy Defer: See anything that has/had a defer date by that date. I don’t usually defer something unless it’s flagged, but this is like the sink trap for those that do.

Nice one, but more importantly: where can one find the Star Wars icons? They look very nice! :slight_smile:


Couple people above mention only deferring flagged tasks - what’s that about?

I am intimidated by your enormous…

… list of perspectives.

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Is there a script that would create a perspective that is EXACTLY like forecast view, but having the ability to hide deferred items ?

hmmmm. download does not work anymore

This is the updated links, there are two free star-wars sets:

@MacSparky, perhaps you can update the link in your original blogpost