Shared iMessages

My 12-yr-old daughter has an iPad that is registered on my Apple ID. She has recently learned to text on it (good) but her texts are on my messages to other people (not good). Can I have it both ways? Can she text without her texts popping up on my messages? (BTW: same problem with photos).

She should have her own AppleID, with her email adresse. You can setup Family sharing and add her as a member so she won’t lose the apps you have paid for. She would lose any in-app purchase though. You won’t be able to see her message, but you could always keep her unlock and have a look sometimes, letting her know that it’s a condition to be able to have her own adress and that you trust her to behave, or something along those line. I have two daughters, 13 and 16, so I wish you luck!

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Thanks, Jeff. I’m assuming I can set up an Apple ID for her without a credit card.

You might need to hook it to a credit card, I forget but you can put restrictions on where she can’t buy anything. But she definitely needs her own Apple ID. Maybe make her an email address like something similar to her name so she can use that down the road if she wants to.

Check out iCloud Family Sharing. It’s great for stuff like this.

A creditcard is not needed. As @ismh says family sharing is the key here, and through that and screentime you can very easily restrict in app purchases / screen time / web access/app installs etc. Works very well with my kids and keeps my iCloud ID clean.

Actually my kids don’t know better since they’ve been used to it from early childhood.
My oldest turned 18 and did not have to request app installs anymore from me, but she really still wanted to because she felt it kept her safe.