Shared photos not showing in iCloud

I have shared some pictures of mine in Apple Photos with my wife. I used a shared folder to do this. My pictures show up on her iPhone Photos but not in iCloud.Is there something extra she needs to do to have them available in her iCloud too?
We don’t have family sharing.

You said you used a shared folder, did you mean a shared album?

Sorry yes I meant a shared album

My understanding is that shared albums are not available (for viewing) in iCloud. However, you can make them “public,” which makes the album available via a URL. I think the option to do this is in the same place where you invite other users to share the album.

The last time I did this, the quality of the public images didn’t appear to be very good, but I only took a very quick look at it.

Aha! No wonder. Bit of a limitation. Anyway many thanks for the info … I will look into the different options.

nice one thanks for sharing

You could turn on iCloud Photos, which would sync all of your photos to iCloud. Of course, depending on how many photos you have, that could end up costing you some money to increase your iCloud storage.