Sharing files to Due or other places with iCloud Drive

I have an audio file that I would like to be able to share in a recurring todo in Due as a link.

Is that possible with iCloud Drive? I know it’s possible with Dropbox. When I complete the todo, it asks me if I want to open the link and then the audio files starts playing. I wish the same was possible with iCloud Drive, but I’m not sure if it is.

For any file in iCloud Drive, right click and tap Add People. use the disclosure arrow to change the sharing permissions to “anyone with link”, and choose the “Copy link” option from the top row of sharing options.

Paste the link into wherever you want, such as the name of a reminder in Due.

I just tested this with a video file on iOS and clicking the link took me to the file in the iOS files app and attempted to play it in Quicklook.

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Thanks! That works perfectly! Just what I needed to know

Glad that worked for you!

It’s such a clunky workflow to share files in iCloud, I really hope they refine this, hopefully this year!

But the cynical side of my says this just isn’t a priority for Apple… :slightly_frowning_face:

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