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I have been using my new Apple Watch Series 4 for a week now and I love it. I also find the health data helpful. I never used to go into the but now I do as it is stocked with information from the watch. I have also started using the app Health Face by Crunchy Bagel and find it useful.

In the on the iPhone, I see these this section about Clinical Documents. There seems to be way to connect to one’s doctor or medical service through it, but I don’t see any options for that on my part. Does anyone know how it is possible to connect those two things?

Also, if that’s not possible how do I share all my health data with my doctor? I have tried the export tab, which exported a zip.file. But when I opened it wasn’t of much use to any one… I couldn’t read or understand what it was about. Does any know how to make sense of the exported data or how to best share with your doctor what information is stored in the

I use QS Access:


Thanks. It hasn’t been updated in three years, but not many of the apps for this has for some reason, while I don’t understand the export method for the itself either. Seems strange that its not easier to export health data meaningfully.

Also, the export using this app doesn’t really work for me as I only have an ipad. It exports the file as .csv when I try to open it in Archives it opens in iCabMobile for some reason… :confused:

Same here. I save to google drive and open in sheets. But you could email the csv to yourself, long press on the attachment, and open in Numbers.

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Quite unbelievable that it has to be so difficult making sense of exported health data.

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