Sharing iCloud files with myself

I’m running into something odd. I thought that linking files in iCloud to notes, reminders, and calendar events might prove useful. So I was pleased to see that Matthew Cassinelli has a post on this very issue.

The problem is that what he describes doesn’t actually work (specifically, the part where he says “…instead of adding anyone, you can just hit Copy Link and save the URL of the iCloud file to your clipboard so you can can paste it anywhere else.” Perhaps something’s changed since he posted.

On the Mac, I can’t even copy the link until I add an email address or phone number. On iOS and iPadOS, I can copy the link, but it won’t work, even on the device where I created it. I just get a message that says “Item Unavailable. The owner stopped sharing, or you don’t have permission to open it.”

If I explicitly share the item with myself, all is well. But having to do that seems like a really unnecessary extra step. After all, I’m the one who created and shared the file, so you think I’d be able to access it on a device where I’m logged in as the creator.

Am I missing something obvious, or is this a glaring omission on Apple’s part?

I wonder if this related to the way that the iOS/iPadOS version of Hook will get it’s links? It seems a Hook App for iPad and iPhone is not to far away and you can sign up for the beta.
If this would only work with the same links in macOS und iPadOS…
Nevertheless, if you don’t yet know Hook you should definitely check it out! I can’t live without its ability to create (deep) links.

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This approach (set up in the image below) works for me on macOS 11.6. The link opens the document when pasted into a document on macOS, and when I add the link to a note in Notes and later click that link on Notes on my iPhone, the document opens.


Thanks, @anon41602260 and @Martin.

I was hoping to avoid the “anyone with the link” setting. But given that I’ll only be sharing with myself, for access on password-protected devices/accounts, it’s probably ok.

While there are some things I want to keep reasonably private, it’s not like I’m dealing with other people’s medical data.