Sharing into Agenda or Adding Dates to Ulysses

Hi there all,
I am enjoying Agenda as a writing environment with the ability to schedule blog posts, newsletters etc and just open up and start working on them in my writing blocks on my calendar. The only problem is that the developers have still not implemented a basic share sheet (very frustrating!)

I just want to be able to read my RSS or Safari pages in IOS and share the Title, Highlighted text and URL into a Folder in Agenda called ‘Inbox’ for processing later. Easy to do with Ulysses but I can’t work out how to do it in Agenda -anyone know?

Or is there a way to bring Agenda functionality to Ulysses? I.e. to assign a target date to a sheet and then have it show up in chronological order in a folder?

Anyone cracked this? :thinking:


You could do this with Drafts in the middle (which is what I do). Send the Title, Text, and URL to Drafts, then use a Drafts action to create a new note in Agenda (which has a URL scheme if not a share extension). I suppose Shortcuts might work as well for that matter, but I like to use Drafts because it pops up the note and allows me to add comments before sending off.


Thank you - yes I’ve got this going too with drafts sending nicely into a new note in my Inbox folder in Agenda - a good workaround but I keep thinking I must be missing something as to why I cant go direct to Agenda . Sounds like I’m not :slight_smile:

You can indeed do what you’re looking for. It’ll involve working with Shortcuts and with URL schemes.

Agenda’s URL scheme info is here:

The basic idea would be:

  • Create a Shortcut that you can run from the Share Sheet in your RSS reader
  • Use that reader’s tools or Get Details from Article actions in Shortcuts to pull out the title/url/etc info
  • Put that pulled data into an Agenda url scheme
  • Open the URL

and voila, you’ll get the item directly into Agenda.

I haven’t looked but someone might have already created a Shortcut like this on the Agenda forum.

Feel free to post here if you have questions!


Thank you so much - I haven’t done anything like that before from scratch. I’ll have a look and see if I can work it out and come back for help if not (likely!) thank you again and happy new year

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For sure. It can be intimidating, but it isn’t so bad once you spend a few minutes getting used to the Shortcuts.

What RSS reader do you use? I may be able to put together a template Shortcut for you to work from.

Oh that’s so kind of you to offer - I use Reeder (with Feedwrangler)

I was only able to test this on Reeder 3, but it should work with any RSS reader or web browser… or any link at all, really.

The trickiest part might be the URL encoding steps. You’ll see that a lot of the text actions are “URL encoded”—this simply means converting them to a format that can be used in a URL scheme, such as by switching spaces with %20.

If you want to include selected text from the article, it’s a little tricky. If you Share selected text (e.g., select text → Share), Reeder doesn’t pass the selected text and the article link to the Share Sheet (nor would most applications).

There’s an easy workaround though: use the clipboard. If you want to do this, select the place in the text block at the bottom of the shortcut where you want to insert a quote (e.g., after ## Notes:), tap Variables, and tap Clipboard. Now when the shortcut runs, it’ll insert whatever’s currently on the clipboard in place of that variable. So copy the selected text in a given article, then share the article to this Shortcut.

Reply with questions!

THANK YOU - I’ll get onto trying this out. Really generous of you to help

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I’ve just installed and used the clipboard tip :star2: wow! :star2: it works even better than I expected! Absolutely brilliant- thank you so much! A game changer for me.

There’s a little recording here if you want to see it in action on Reeder 4:
Workflow - Reeder Article to Agenda Inbox Folder

So for anyone else wanting to do this, if you want the snippet of text to add to useful links you might want to blog about, just follow Ryan’s instructions above re the clipboard. Works like a dream!

It might seem small, but adding this little bit of delight to my workflow will motivate me to get on and write more regularly. Thank you again for taking the time to help me out.

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No problem! Shortcuts is super powerful, and easy to use once you wrap your head around the basics.

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