Sharing my workspaces

Thought I would jump in and share my setup. I actually have two spaces:

  1. At the piano- using Dorico on my iPad Pro 10.5” for writing and sketching. I have a Bluetooth midi adapter for the piano that allows me to input notes into Dorico. Also the BT QWERTY keyboard.

Apps used here include Dorico, Forescore, GarageBand, Korg, Klevegrand and a few others.

  1. When the piece is pretty well fleshed out and I have a nearly finished the arrangement, I head upstairs to the studio to orchestrate and finish programming the necessary samples and sounds.

Apps used: Reaper, Dorico, Logic Pro, hundreds of sample libraries.

Often times I start and end in the studio, depending on deadlines. But I feel I write a better piece of music when I separate out the writing from the orchestrating. Kind of my version of an analog and digital workspace.

Hoping to replace my aging 2012 MP with a new MBP in 2022.

Love seeing others spaces.


Do I see Horowitz?
Mind if I ask what else is in the frame?

My wife, for my birthday, got me all the “Think Different” posters Apple sent out to teachers. I also have a rare Gershwin poster that was never allowed to be published.

In this photo is Einstein, Gershwin in the middle (framed with an original think different watch that runs backwards) and Jim Henson with Kermit. On another wall I have John &Yoko and Miles Davis.


Ahhh! Totes jelly!
My wife has some of the posters in her classroom, Picasso, Goodall, etc.
Didn’t know about the watch - wow!

Yup. Same series. I have the lot. One of the teachers that works with my wife (she’s a teacher too)never opened hers up and gave her the set.

Apple sold The watch for a short time back when they were selling clothes and hats and so on. If I can remember when I get home, I’ll post a close up.

Found one on eBay for $2k, but would like to see yours. Thanks!

Mine is very sumarse to that except with a white face instead of black. It does have the original 6 color logo.

Which model Yamaha is the portable?

The digital piano is a Yamaha P150. The acoustic is a 6’3” Yamaha Acoustic Midi Grand

Here is the combo and a closeup of the watch.


Very nice piece!

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My wife has a 17 year old P120 that is having issues. After plying awhile the higher notes start drifting sharp. Doing a reset fixes it for a few minutes but it goes off again. We’re looking at replacements and thinking about a Clarinova instead of the portables.

Clavinovas are very nice option if you don’t have to move them often. They come in all varieties of bells and whistles.

Roland also make some nice home units. I sometimes prefer the action of the Rolands over the Yamaha. But that is a personal preference.

I, too, am still using a Mid-2012 Mac Pro as my prime Mac. I just installed macOS Monterey on it today using the OpenCore Legacy Patcher. I’m hoping that Apple releases a new iMac Pro or Apple Silicon Mac Pro this year. But I’ve got to say, my Mac Pro is still an excellent work horse, even though it’s nearly 10 years old.

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Went to your website to listen to your music, and got a note “Oops, looks like this player is missing.” under your demo reel. I like the workflow, and want to hear the results!

Ah!!! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix it.

Should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.