Shell script or process for downloading cloud only files?

For many cloud storage applications, they often default to having the files stored only in the cloud, with a zero kb (or near zero) “stub” stored locally on my Mac. Usually I can right-click in the finder and click “download now” or something like that to manually trigger a download. Besides relying on settings the particular application provides (e.g., like for icloud turning off “Optimize Mac Storage”), is there a script or utility I could use to automate fetching these files for download (i.e., to automate the right-click/download now" function?

I tried to research it myself, but I am only a novice who is game to try new things, but still limited. So, I quickly ran into the world of shell scripts, wget, curl, etc. Realized I was in over my head – hence my request to the MPU experts!

Running a script on a timer that runs the unix touch command on each file that you’re interested in having downloaded might work, but I haven’t tried it myself.

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small world, I think. Aren’t you the fine upstanding Candian who has mentioned his university uses I have been using that for awhile, and have gotten a little side-tracked, because I saw someone discussing online that they have backed off their claim of true “zero knowledge” client-side encryption. As an IT manager using it, have you heard anything about that? I realize there is no way to test it since it is closed source…

I’m Canadian, but cannot claim to be either fine or upstanding, at least if I go by what the faculty call me :slight_smile:

We don’t use Sync anymore, not because it’s not good, but because at the start of the pandemic, the privacy regulations were adjusted so that we could use Microsoft’s online services. We use OneDrive for that kind of thing now, BUT: I have not heard anything about Sync not supporting zero knowledge encryption. They still claim to, so if you have a source that says otherwise, I’d be curious to see it.

Ha ha - Canadian! (not Candian). I saw folks on Reddit noting that the claims of zero knowledge had been de-emphasized -

You think they (and I) have too much time on our hands? I am really just storing a small handful of tax documents and other financial info, and looking for storing it in a zero knowledge space. I am not sure why I necessarily even need it in the cloud. And the easiest may just be iCloud, now that they have zero knowledge possibility with Advanced Data Protection, But iCloud drive has its own issues with sync reliability…

Their site seems to be pretty unambiguous about it:

I’d be okay with using them.

Yeah - I agree. After I responded to you with the Reddit thread, I decided to actually look at their terms. The privacy policy confirms what you confirmed (avail. at Sync | GDPR Privacy Policy)

"When you use our Sync services your personal information and other information you provide is encrypted in transit using SSL/TLS encryption. Sync’s desktop, mobile and web applications (“Sync Apps”) apply an additional layer of client side encryption automatically, during transit and at rest, which we define as end-to-end encryption.

Sync never collects or stores your file, file meta data, encryption keys or passwords (your “Encrypted Data”) in an unencrypted format, unless you request us to do so. The Encrypted Data you upload to Sync is always end-to-end encrypted, and stored in such a way that we cannot access it in a readable format, or share it with third-parties. . . . ."

So, seems like business as they have always done. The redditors are right that Sync seems to have de-emphasized the splashiness of the “zero knowledge” claims on the website. But that seems to have been an advertising/PR decision (or maybe a legal one?), rather than an actual change in how they operate.

I feel ok about it. Seems I got worked up over nothing.

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