Shift app on Mac

Hi all - does anyone use this here? It’s an email aggregator type app. My wife uses it on her M1 MacBook Air and I suspect it of causing memory leaks. She regularly asks me why her computer keeps freezing, and I suspect it’s this app…Activity Monitor isn’t always a help with troubleshooting this. Thanks.

Don’t use Shift but used similar apps called Station and Franz before, which do the same thing. The convenience of having many web apps in one place and not having to install various electron apps was very appealing. In the end, they are just fancy web browsers using tabs to parse websites and keeping logins (cookies).

If Activity Monitor doesn’t give the answer, Try to eliminate the problem. Don’t use Shift, but install say the Vivaldi browser and open up a different email in each tab and only use Vivaldi for that. It’s a lightweight and good browser. If the problem goes away, keep using Vivaldi or try Station or Franz and see if they are better.

Aggregator apps worked fine for me with just a few accounts, but the system started to get sluggish when more accounts were added and I therefore stopped using them.

I have now created web apps straight from the Brave browser (= chromium -/- google) and use these when needed. This way I still have not to install Teams, Webex, LinkedIn, Discord, Slack, Mail etc, but all are 1 click away when I need them and I can close any of them individually when not needed.


I had no idea this was possible. Thanks for sharing!

p.s. TechRepublic has a post on How to create web apps for the Brave browser that includes a short video tutorial. The key is to check the “Open as window” checkbox when creating the shortcut/app.


I would also add Ferdi (an opensource Franz fork, iirc) and Biscuit to the lot. Biscuit seems to be slow on updates but has the best look and feel imho.

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