Shifting gears, changing hats, OS shortcomings

The things that I work on usually fall into broad categories. For instance, I use MATLAB, R, Notebooks, etc. for data analyses in two of my studies. I also occasionally pay bills or read research articles. My studies are kept in their own folders with source code, data, notes, images, spreadsheets, etc. When I change from working on one to the other, I need to close source files, change directories, open new source files in several programs. I try to minimize these changes of context as much as I can, but my thinking processes are decidedly not linear.
I’m sure I could spend days working out something in Keyboard Maestro or Alfred, perhaps (probably not the closing and opening of files).

Does anyone have a clever strategy for dealing with this?

I’m tempted to create a new user for each context that I operate in. Not sure if they could share a home folder…

Brett Terpstra has a new thing called Bunches on his web site that I’ve been considering for just what you’re thinking about. Can’t beat the price.


Second the vote for Bunch… if you aren’t going to roll your own with Keyboard Maestro, that would be my first look.

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Thanks @jec0047 and @tjluoma.

I just set everything up in different Spaces and switch between them when changing tasks.