Shooting photos: HEIC vs JPEG

What format do you all take photos using iPhone to iPad. I understand RAW is whole new topic. My question is in regards to daily usage format. HEIC or JPEG.

If you want to upload photos to Google Photos or Smugmug, then HEIC is something that’s not supported as they consider it as RAW (Proprietary format). Only JPEGs are considered for unlimited storage unless you want to pay for extra storage.

@anon20961960 Yes I am in the same boat. I default to HEIC. Its lossless and less baggage. But for archival purpose on Google Photos or Smugmug, I guess Jpeg is the option. I wish I can automatically export the photos to iCloud Drive outside of Apple Photos Library. So it will be an archive copy (1 of the archive copy) in original format.

From the SmugMug help pages:

Accepted file types for uploading

You can add an unlimited number of JPEG, GIF, PNG, and HEIC files to your SmugMug account.

It seems, that for SmugMug at least, HEIC is fine.

I do not use Google Photos so I cannot speak to that.

Although, further down that page it says that HEIC files are converted to JPEGs. So while HEICs can be uploaded without issue if you want to retain the HEIC files SmugMug is not an option.

Google Photos supports HEIC, as the below shows.

I use HEIC, as the images look the same as a JPG but are smaller, so I’m saving space. On copying to my Mac, I also convert to JPG, just so I have a HEIC in Photos and a JPG stored in a separate folder.

My work iPhone is set to only take pictures in JPG, mainly because if I’m taking photos its to report fault and defects and the systems we use to report don’t have HEIC convertors built in.

I’m pretty sure it’s not, and a Google search suggests it’s not on the iPhone, but the format is capable of supporting some lossless operations.

I can confirm that. I sync to both iCloud and Google Photos and my originals on both are HEIC. I do pay for additional storage.


My next camera though I’ll shoot RAW and store those on a NAS and use Graphic Converter to compress to JPG and perhaps AVIF if it speeds up.

I use HEIC as it should offer a better compression and image quality especially if you edit the picture. And I think it is the default on iOS but I‘m not sure. Never had any issues sharing or transforming HEIC files.

I think you are right, HEIC is the default on iOS. That said, I switched to JPG in the Settings, since I did have an issue sharing an HEIC photo with someone who was using a device that could not translate it.