Shortcut appl IOS who can I remove confirmation?

good morning to all
I’m new on this forum and I need some help on shortcuts app for ios.
I want to creat shortcuts for my old mother 92 years old and put them on home page to make her call simple.
i easily creat few shortut to call contacts and install them on home screen
But Some shortcuts ask for confirmation like :Do you want to call Pascal ?
I don’t find who to remove the confirmation and why some shortcuts ask for it (not all of them ask ! )
same problem with phone FaceTime or whatsapp
there is anyway to make the shortcut start immediately when I start it, without confirmation ?
anyone can help ?
thank you very much for your help
best regards

EDIT: This post did not contain accurate information before. Sorry. I did not read your question properly. There is a setting for automations so that they can run silently - But this refers to automations, not to shortcuts. My mistake.

I just created a shortcut to call somebody and I put it onto the home screen. I was not asked anything when I tapped on the icon. It worked like a charm. Sorry for not being of any help here.

for some contact the shortcut don’t ask for confirmation
For some other shortcut ask for
I don’t find why and who to unable confirmation
Thank you anyway

Maybe the ones that don’t ask for confirmation are Favorites, and the ones that do ask for confirmation are not Favorites?