Shortcut export

Got a new iPhone yesterday and loaded ios13 on it. One of my Shortcuts broke. I actually someone in this group help create it for me (way back in the FB days I think).

Anyway, I need some help figuring out what has broken. I was going to post the file(?) here but I don’t know how to do that. I thought there was some type of export option in the old Shortcuts but I could be way wrong about that.

I can pinpoint the place where the first problem occurs but I’m obviously not sure if there are anymore since I can’t get past this one particular step.

If this is more for the Automators group, I can switch over there. I almost am never over there due to my general Mac needs though.



In Settings > Shortcuts you need to enable untrusted shortcuts. This applies to sharing and adding shortcuts via iCloud links :slight_smile:

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