Shortcut for L/R stereo balance

I’m trying to write an iOS shortcut that adjusts the left/right stereo balance (under Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual) but I cannot find a way to access these settings under Shortcuts. Does anyone know a way?

The aim is that when a specific bluetooth audio device connects, it sets it to be mono-L. When the device disconnects it resets it to 0. The reason for wanting this is that I have a bluetooth audio device that I wear when cycling. However, for safety reasons I want the sound to only be in one ear (and no, there’s no way on the hardware to easily just use one side).

Can anyone help? Given Apple’s focus on accessibility, I’d find it surprising if accessibility settings didn’t have shortcuts support, but perhaps I have missed it.

Accessibility settings do have Shortcuts support, but only a limited set. The only audio feature is for setting output to mono. They’re not separated as accessibility, either — they just appear when you point to the Settings app.

I wish Shortcuts would allow you to target a specific page in Settings > Accessibility. Or at least bookmark it in Settings! Search isn’t good enough.

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Thanks, I thought as much. Hopefully Apple will add more shortcuts support in the future. I guess for now I’ll have to manually navigate through the menus.