Shortcut for Manage Website Data?

I’m looking to build a Shortcut where, with a keyboard shortcut (or single menu item), I can clear my Safari “Website Data”

Here’s the present long way to clear Website Data:

Safari → Preferences → Privacy → Manage Website Data… → Remove All.

You can see this is a 5-click process.
How can I reduce this to a set of hot-keys?

Note: You may be thinking about the Develop menu item Clear Caches ( option+command+E) This, unfortunately, does not remove the Website Data as mentioned above in the Privacy preference. Maybe there’s a way to make it do so?

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

If you have Keyboard Maestro, you can build a Macro for that.
I think you will find the needed information on the KM-Forum

Thanks for the suggestion.
That KM macro and what I’ve looked at for Alfred workflows both seem to rely on scripts.
I will try to pursue the Alfred angle, as I have more familiarity with that app, but the scripting looks more complicated and beyond my level.
I thought the Shortcuts app was made for doing this sort of thing without having to write scripts, but so far I’ve had no luck using Shortcuts.