Shortcut for routing audio

Anyone have an recommendations for building a useable shortcut for routing audio? I need a handsfree way of routing my phone’s audio from my airpods to my car’s dock connector. I currently have two shortcuts. One that routes audio from my phone away from the dock connection and to my airpods (this works fine). The second one is built the same but in reverse (routinng audio away from my airpods and to the car’s dock connector); this one ends up not working. See attached screenshots.

Use case:
Today I was listening to music through my car’s system (Iphone over dock connection). A message came up and I wanted to hear it through my airpods, so I said, “Hey Siri, route audio to my airpods”.
Done. Worked perfectly.
When I tried to re-route the audio back through the dock connection, no luck - no matter the reconfiguration of the short cut.


I’ve seen something similar happen with my “set to sonos” shortcut.
I solved it by adding a set playback destination to the phone before connecting to the sonos.
The airpods are incredibly greedy with playback, and never want to give back control somehow.

That’s a good observation. It’s true my airpods can be greedy as well - especially with the weirdness that is the “new” hand off features. In this case, however, the problem was not solved and continues to display the attached error.

This is despite the fact that the “dock connector” can be manually chosen. I suspect that every time the dock connector is plugged in, while is the “dock connector”, the underlying port number (?) changes.