Shortcut help to log Overcast ep to Airtable

Now that Rose has helped with one problem, I’m wondering if I can ask this group for another piece of help.

I have a Shortcut that broke going from ios12 to ios13. The shortcut does the following:

  • In Overcast, when I have an episode selected, I then share it to run this shortcut.

  • The shortcut gets some data from Overcast, asks a few questions, then logs into an Airtable database.

  • For some reason, I’m not getting an error msg. See the attached file.

The file itself is here:

I have stripped out the Airtable key but rest assured it’s in there.



I suspect that you’re running into the Match Groups bug - this has been resolved in 13.1. Not a lot of comfort in the mean time but it is going to work again!

That’s painful but at least it should work in a few days. Thanks for the knowledge.

13.1 has indeed fixed my problem! Thanks for the tip, @RosemaryOrchard.