ShortCut Help (Zapier, SoundCloud, Omnifocus)

hey MPU,

Need help with a shortcut for managing several audio profiles.
There are several parishes that I assist in maintaining audio archive records.
The process we had setup (which was easier on me and them)

  1. They upload to their preferred choice (SoundCloud)
  2. Instead of informing me each time, I was given RSS feeds.
  3. SoundCloud RSS Feeds are used with Zapier which then sends me a link as a task in Omnifocus.
  4. I see the task, click the link, and I usually use an extension in Chrome to download the audio.
  5. Archive according to parish name, etc.

Something broke in Chrome, and my extension isn’t working. Tried finding new extensions, not working.
Any suggestions?

This is all mac-based. If there was a way to do this through Shortcuts on my iPad that would be great. Is there additional settings to maybe have Zapier give me the direct download link?


I’d suggest you take a look at Integromat. It’s very similar to Zapier but it can download a file from a URL and save it somewhere, like Dropbox. You could automate the whole process :slight_smile: