Shortcut key to toggle Stage Manager off and on - who knew!

I just discovered that there is an option to set a shortcut key to toggle stage manager off and on.

It’s in:

  • Mac settings,
  • keyboard section,
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Mission Control

I set mine to F3 which - on my keyboard - is the same key you press to get mission control, but with the function key held down - (which makes it easier for me to remember).

Hope this helps - I was under the impression this wasn’t possible.


I would never have found that in the mess that is now settings


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I wonder how long it’s been there.

I stumbled across it while looking for something else.

Thought I was seeing things :ghost::ghost::ghost:

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I’m keyboard shortcut dependent and I can’t figure out how Stage Manager is helpful to my workflow. I’ve watched Apple’s 2-minute video on Stage Manager and it seems like the feature is for people that rely more on pointing and clicking than it is for keyboard shortcut people. What am I missing?

Good question. I only started using it about 6 weeks ago when I read that someone - someone! - was using it on the Mac and finding it useful. I switched it on, and, then stuck with it.

Wrt keyboard use, I still mostly use cmd-tab (or keyboard shortcuts I’ve set up in ray cast) to switch between apps, and sometimes the mouse.

I have no idea how to describe why it is useful and preferable. But … it seems to have stuck.

I’m not using it to be ultra productive, but the decluttered view works. And it helps me get stuff done.

As fuzzy as that is, I hope it helps you give it a go.